Specializing in Florida Real Estate
Specializing in Florida Real Estate

Brokers Deliver Top-Tier Products and Services at a Competitive Price!

Mortgage Broker or Retail Bank - Is there a tangible difference?


Personal Service:

  • Brokers are much more efficient and close quicker because they are directly engaged in the loan process and are singularly focused on mortgages.  Unlike banks there are no departmental back logs and you do not have to “get in line and wait".
  • A mortgage broker will work one-on-one with you throughout the loan process, compared to a large bank with thousands of employees where you never know who you will get and you may end up explaining your situation multiple times to multiple people.

Solutions Oriented:

  • Qualifying Income:  



Money Saving Techniques:

  • Brokers are keen to credit score pricing.  For example, if a borrower has a 699 credit score, the Broker can see the effect on the borrower’s rate if they were to improve their score by just a few points.  Brokers often have tools at their disposal to help position their clients for the best rate and pricing prior to making application, unlike their banking counterparts that simply take whatever credit score exists which can end up unnecessarily costing the borrower thousands of dollars.
  • Brokers are more aware of available options, such as the ability to run a conventional loan through either Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac.  Knowing the difference can mean less paperwork and can even save the consumer the cost of an appraisal fee:  A potential savings of $500.00 or more!
  • Unlike their banking counterparts, Brokers often have access to reduced mortgage insurance premiums which can save the consumer as much as 50% on their monthly mortgage insurance premiums.  





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