Specializing in Florida Real Estate
Specializing in Florida Real Estate

Adverse Credit Exceptions

Recent Housing Event or Bankruptcy (More Than 18 Months)


So long as 18 months have passed since the credit event, no letter of explanation is required, just clean credit since the event.  If you have experienced a financial set-back whereby you had to short sell a home, had a lender foreclose, or had a discharged bankruptcy, this program provides up to 75% financing.  Re-established credit along with two years of continual employment are required.


  • Down Payment:  25%
  • Credit Scores:  660 or better
  • Re-established Credit:  3 active trade lines that have each been open 12 months or longer
  • Loan Limits:  Up to $850,000
  • Occupancy:  Primary residence only


Recent Housing Event or Bankruptcy (More Than 1 Day, Less Than 18 Months)


If you have a very recent housing event or bankruptcy (less than 18 months ago), this program may provide up to 80% financing with a minimum 580 credit score, and up to 75% financing with a minimum credit score of 540.  Clean credit history since the recent housing event or bankruptcy is required, and there are no minimum required open/active trade lines.  This program helps buyers get back into a home of their own while they work on rebuilding their credit.  There are no pre-payment penalties whatsoever, so once credit has been re-established and seasoned for at least 3 years past the adverse credit event, the borrower can then refinance into an FHA loan.


  • Down Payment:  20%
  • Credit Scores:  580 or better
  • Re-established Credit:  No minimum required open/active trade lines
  • Loan Limits:  Up to $1,000,000
  • Occupancy:  Primary residence only


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