Innovative Mortgage Services
Innovative Mortgage Services

Construction-To-Permanent Loans

Do you own acreage or a lot in an area you wish to build your dream home?  We have up to 95% financing available for your project...and you can apply existing equity in your lot toward your 10% down payment.  The key to a smooth transaction is to align your project using a seasoned, reputable builder that has already been approved and vetted by the lender.  We have over 125 reputable builders throughout Florida that are already pre-approved.  This makes the financing of your new construction almost seamless!


The Construction-To-Permanent loan program is designed to finance the construction phase of your home that also includes a loan conversion at the end of construction to permanent financing.   Our one-time closing effectively saves you money with just one closing.   During the construction phase, you pay interest only each month on funds that are disbursed in scheduled draws as the builder progresses and inspections are completed.  Once the Certificate of Occupancy is issued by the building department, your construction loan rolls over into permanent financing.  


Maximum Loan to Value

  • 95% LTV to $485,350.00
  • 80% LTV to $750K
  • 70% up to $1.25 Million (Can go higher on loan amount, Case Dependent)

Financing: Interest only on cumulative draws during construction phase at the note rate

Closing: One time close from construction loan to permanent loan to reduce fees.

Occupancy: Primary Residence Only


Services Provided by: Giles Wardian of Team Innovative (407) 963-1151

Licensed Mortgage Specialist NMLS #349296

Innovative Mortgage Services, Inc. NMLS #250769

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