Specializing in Florida Real Estate
Specializing in Florida Real Estate

Construction-To-Permanent Loans

Do you own acreage or a lot in an area you wish to build your dream home?  We have up to 95% financing available for your project...and you can apply existing equity in your lot toward your down payment.  The key to a smooth transaction is to align your project using a seasoned, Florida licensed general contractor that has established himself/herself as a reputable builder that can be approved and vetted by the lender.


Great news!  We can now do single close construction loans for Conventional, VA, FHA and USDA clients! 

The Construction-To-Permanent loan program is designed to finance the construction phase of your home that also includes a single loan closing at the beginning of your project rather than at the end.  (Traditional construction loans require you to qualify up to three times.)


(1)  Lock in your interest rate at the beginning rather than having to wait nine months and hoping interest rates won't rise.  

(2)  Becuase you close on your permanent loan at the beginning, you don't have to requalify serven to nine months down the road with unkonwn interest rates.  Plus you won't have to provide updated income and asset documentation, or worry about job changes between now and the nine month period.

(3)  When you close at the begining, our single close option provides both the interim construction loan and the permanent 30 year loan under one promissory note and one mortgage.  Done!

(4) Whether you already own the land/lot or not, we can incorporate a single loan to cover both the land and the construction.  The maximum loan to value will be driven by the loan program, such as Conventional, VA, FHA or USDA. 


Our one-time closing effectively saves you money with just one closing...at the beginning rather than at the end!   On Conventionak Loans only, during the construction phase, you pay interest only each month on funds that are disbursed in scheduled draws as the builder progresses and inspections are completed.  Once the Certificate of Occupancy is issued by the building department, a loan modification to amend the first payment date will be sent to you for signature.


Maximum Loan to Value

  • Conventional Loans:  Up to 95% LTV .  Max loan amount is currently $548,000.
  • VA Loans:  Up to 100% LTV.  Max loan amount is currently based on qualifying income.
  • FHA Loans:  Up to 96.5% LTV.  Max loan amount is currently $356,000.
  • USDA Loans:  Loan is limited by your qualifying income (Currently not to exceed $93,000 per year.  More income allowed for households of 5 or more.)

Financing: Interest only on cumulative draws during construction phase on Conventioanl Loans.

Closing: One time close at the beginning to reduce fees.

Occupancy: Primary or Secondary Residence Only


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