Specializing in Florida Real Estate
Specializing in Florida Real Estate

Foreign National Loans


Whether buying a second home or investment property in the State of Florida, this program is designed for Canadian and over-seas buyers (UK and elsewhere) wishing to take advantage of the opportunity to own property here in the Sunshine State.  No US credit or Social Security Number required and up to 75% financing is available.  Regardless of property type; single family home, townhome or condo, you just found the right place!


  • Down Payment:  25% or more down payment is required. (30% down is typical for best rate & terms)
  • Credit Scores:  No U.S. credit required
  • Property Types:  Single Family, Townhomes, Condos.  Also Short Term Rental Houses (Max Bedrooms=8)
  • Loan Limits:  $200,000 to $1,500,000
  • Purpose:  Second home or investment property


(Income Documentation is optional, but not required on our Foreign National Investment Loans)

Here's What You Will Need...

Easier than you think!  No income documentaion required (Income Documentation is Optional for a lower rate.)

#1)  Collateral

The property you will be buying provides the collateral for the loan.  To protect your investment, an appraisal will be ordered through a licensed Appraisal Management Company.  (There must be at least three comparable properties that support the purchase price.)

#2)  Assets

You will need liquid assets (money in the bank) for the down payment and closing costs.  Assets must be documented for a period of at least 60 days.  An amount sufficient to close must be seasoned in a U.S. depository institution for 30 days prior to closing. 

#3)  Credit

Three open trade lines each with a 24 month history reflecting no late payments.  You may use Letters of Reference from verifiable financial institutions to establish 3 open accounts and an acceptable credit reputation.

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Privacy Policy-Our promise to you.  Our borrower's information is of the upmost importance to us and we will only use the information you provide to determine if, and how much you qualify for.  We do not sell, share, or market your personal infomation.  

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