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Specializing in Florida Real Estate

VA Loans

U.S. VA Home Loans

Serving both active Military Members and Veterans, we specialize in VA Home Loan financing throughout the State of Florida.  Florida is home to some 21 military bases representing every branch of the U.S. Military.  We count it an honor to provide our Active Military Members and Veterans with some of the best rates and home loan options available throughout the State of Florida.  Personally, we are proud parents that have two sons currently serving.  We relate to the demands of life in the military, including times of deployment when the need is great for military members and their families to have a stable home environment. 


We are experts at helping you calculate qualifying income and are well versed in calculations for (BAH) that is specific to the geograghinc location where you are stationed and any (HDP) pay according to areas of deployment.  VA Home Loans provide more favorable underwriting criteria which helps to make home ownership a reality for many veterans.  Here are just a few features that make the VA Home Loan one of the best home loans available today:


  • Down Payment:  -Zero-  100% financing!  No down payment required.
  • No monthly mortgage insurance (This really helps lower your monthly mortgage payment)
  • Lower rates than conventional financing
  • Credit Scores:  Scores above 640 provide the best terms for a VA loan.  (Lower credit scores in a range of 580 to 639 can be accepted with additional underwriting conditions.)
  • Loan Limits:  Currently no published loan limit.  Maximum loan amount determined by amount of qualifying income.


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