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Florida Mortgage Providers was founded with a mission to help home buyers secure the best home loan to fit their needs at competitive mortgage rates and fees. Ever since our company was established, we have held steadfast to that mission while improving and growing the mortgage loan programs we offer in Florida and beyond. Currently, we serve home buyers and owners with various home loan programs in Florida and are in the process of gaining licensing in Virginia as well.


Our main office is located in Central Florida, however, we have individual mortgage loan specialists throughout the state that make up a team of professionals that advocate for you by securing the best in real estate loan financing anywhere in the beautiful State of Florida. Whether you are buying a primary residence, second home, or simply refinancing, we match the buyer with the right home buyer program for them.


As a local Florida mortgage broker, our team has the flexibility and freedom that many traditional mortgage brokers or local banks don't have. Because of this, we are able to offer many mortgage programs not available through local banking institutions.


Florida Mortgage Providers leverage several lending sources so that we can offer our clients “out of the box” underwriting that is tailored for their unique circumstances. These include:

  • First time buyer home program
  • Self-employment home loans
  • Bank statements are used as income qualifications in lieu of tax returns.
  • Recent derogatory housing events (Bankruptcy or foreclosure less than two years)

What Our Clients Are Saying


"Giles was a massive help and blessing to our family in buying our first home."


- Derek S.

Our Mortgage Specialists


Giles Wardian serves as team lead and is a senior mortgage loan specialist with twenty-one years of experience.  Our team of mortgage professionals operates on a unique platform whereby we have access to several wholesale lending sources which gives you the advantage.  We are able to provide excellent rates along with the latest in technology which results in better underwriting decisions and faster closings.  


The Florida Mortgage Providers' team of mortgage specialists understands the complexity of the mortgage industry and the importance of working closely with each client to identify their unique needs. This allows us to focus on working one-on-one with our clients to help them identify the product that will best serve their needs. This is supported by our multi-lending platform which combines years of lending experience and strategic network to provide


  1. Aggressive pricing
  2. Streamlined process & faster closings
  3. Personal in-house service
  4. More lending options than the big banks or large internet lenders.


Call today to see how we can help you save both time and money.  We have access to multiple wholesale lenders.

Giles Wardian

Real Estate Loans Team Lead

As the owner of FMP, Giles uses his ability to connect with our clients and his decades of mortgage experience to guide our clients through the loan process. Additionally, His extensive leadership and entrepreneurship background has equipt him to manage his growing team of mortgage loan specialists.

Antonio Stewart

Mortgage Loan Specialist

With more than 18 years of financial experience, Antonio understands the backend of the real estate loan industry. This understanding partnered with his heart for service gives him the ability to truly support our clients throughout the entire mortgage process.

April Snow

Loan Processing Specialist


April Snow is team lead at United Contract Processing.  April is an expert at helping clients with their loan files to facilitate on time closings.  Her knowledge of the industry and her commitment to see each Borrower's loan file through to a successful closing makes her and her team an indispensible part of each of our loan files.  April is friendly and professional and you will find her very easy to work with.  

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About Us

Florida Mortgage Providers, Inc is an experienced a mortgage broker based in sunny Florida. If you're in need of real estate loans, contact our team of mortgage loan specialists to learn about your financing options. Let’s work together to get you the home loan that fits your needs.


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NMLS #349296


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Giles Wardian

Central Florida Office

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Phone: (407) 550-1196


E-mail: giles@flmproviders.com



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